The life of two introvert friends

  • Mom: You two should stop having sleepovers this much.
  • Me: Why?
  • Mom: Because every time you have a sleepover the first day you're all excited and the next morning you both go your own way and act bored.
  • Me: We just both need some time to be alone, that doesn't mean we don't enjoy being together.
  • "Introverts, man. We’re weird sometimes. Like, “I love you, but I need to go over here by myself right now.”"





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Don’t forget that the church was literally so impressed they gave him a medal instead of imprisoning him or executing him

Mozart only needed to hear a piece once to play it better than the original. And on top of that, they believed all his music to have been created by someone else, not this kid, so they locked him in a tower for a period of time (forget how long) with only music paper. When they came back all the paper was filled and he had written on the walls as well. AND ALL THE MUSIC WAS PHENOMENAL. how much more perfect can you get than Mozart? If you want to know more: watch the movie Amadeus. It’s historically accurate but also funny at times. Watch. it.

so he was the first to illegally download a song

And for those of you that would like to hear the first illegally downloaded song that the Vatican kept a secret for so long because it was “too beautiful for human knowledge” You can find it here.


    when ur friends make inside jokes that ur not in onimage


    Ok so when i went to this church retreat thing this guy was telling us a story about his friend who was sitting on a plane next to Eminem the rapper but she had no clue that it was him ok. So he like looked at her and was like ” you arent going to ask for an autograph or anything??” and she was like “what?” He was all like “im eminem!” and literally she had the most confused look her face bc she had no idea  who he was and her response was, “and I’m skittles?”

    I like to read books about outcasts because they make me feel less alone.




This is 100% true

This tweet sounds as though introverts consume the souls of others before they engage in social events.

This is 100% true



    "if you don’t consider breasts sexual organs then why do you care if i grab them"

    glad to see y’all spreading the word




#Imagine hanging around after school being grumpy and you walk along the street kicking little stones wishing something good would happen to you anything that’ll brighten your day #and then there’s this nice guy smiling and waving at you from the other side of the road and you are confused but you wave back and go on #and then you realize who that was and you stop rooted to the ground and nearly get a heartattack

Forget rooted-to-the-ground
I’d Captain Jack that

I’ve seen this on my dash a few times, but I gotta reblog this one just for the comment.
    Anonymous asked:
    I saw your post about social anxiety and I've built up a lot since having an awkward moment way back in January (it involved famous people) and I keep worrying about it and think they must think Im stupid and hate me and I can't get it out of my head. I didn't do anything crazy at all, I was poilte and didn't harass them and people online have said I didn't do anything wrong but all these feelings just get worse and its like I torture myself everyday, Im so anxious about everything all the time

    You did in fact do nothing wrong, really, everyone does something stupid sometimes and I’m sure they don’t blame you for doing that. But having experience with anxiety I know it doesn’t really work like that. But let me tell you this: I know you feel really emberassed and anxious but the only way to let go of that is by forgiving yourself for making this mistake, because everyone else has already done it. I’m sorry for replying so late but I’m really having a hard time finding words right now because anxiety is something you have to fight yourself, ofcourse you can ask help from others but in the end it’s all up to you. 

    Imagining how I would react to a situation helped me a lot, for example: do you remember that one person that did something that annoyed you slightly last week? No, you probably don’t and that’s because you had a lot of other way more important things to think about and you already forgave that person. It might seem a very bad example to use to compare your problem to but in fact it’s this simple. It also works a lot to look up how anxiety works, it makes you obsess over things that in the end do not really matter that much at all, try to understand why you still feel so bad about this and imagine being the person who was with you. Would you be mad? Would you spend half a year remembering this event even though a lot of other things happen to you? I’m sure I wouldn’t…

    Okay but enough about this, I’m pretty sure this has crossed your mind a thousand times already but I just want to give you some tips (that help for me) next time you feel anxious:

    - try to imagine being the other person but block all your anxious thoughts because if you do that it’ll only make it worse.

    - try to think about the process of anxiety in general and how it is affect you right now and try to understand it

    - tell people you trust about it so they will understand better and support you( It’s hard but it helps)

    - always have a list of music with you that makes you calm or confident or something that gives you the option to get into your own world for maby even a second to calm down and think about things.

    - Do not let the anxiety stop you from doing the things you love and praise yourself when doing something you feel anxious about.

    - always try to stay optimistic even though you do not believe yourself.

    This is a link to a masterpost that has a bunch of stuff about what anxiety is, how it works and what helps against it:

    I hope this’ll help a bit - Kaylee

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